FLIX Hypnosis For Childbirth

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I would normally need to see you at around 26 - 30 weeks into your pregnancy with an initial consultation to take your history, see how the pregnancy has been developing and to find out your needs and expectations.
If there is time, we can even have a short hypnosis session.

After the initial consultation another appointment is made so that you can also bring along your partner if they would like.
This is so that both of you can discuss your needs and expectations during labour.
Frequently the other half can feel left out in pregnancy and feels a bit of a "spare part', and so it can be useful that you interact with one another during this very important event in your lives.

Both can then participate in experiencing hypnosis to boost your confidence and self-esteem and provide more insight into the birthing, bonding with the baby and future integration with your child.
A relaxation MP3 download is provided that mum can use for a week or so and the partner can play on occasion if they like.
This will also be very useful during post natal days 4 – 8 to counteract the "baby blues".

The third visit is for mum-to-be, where you are taught self hypnosis, anaesthetic techniques and management of discomfort.
You are given an MP3 so that you can practice these techniques at home.

The fourth visit entails learning techniques to enhance a wonderful birth, which also includes learning how to open your eyes during hypnosis so as to appreciate the birth of your baby.
During this session you will be given a pre-childbirth MP3 download which is to be played intermittently with the anaesthetic track right up to the time of the birth.

A final session is usually required shortly before your due date to reinforce everything you have learnt and to dot the i's and cross the t's.

I will also give you access to 2 more MP3's to be played in the Central Delivery Suite during labour, either on headphones or through speakers.

Occasionally it is necessary to have an extra session at the start of treatment to deal with any particular fears or phobias such as needles, but usually 5 sessions is all that is required.

If you wish to begin treatment or have any questions please get in touch.