FLIX Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did it all start?

Hypnosis as a process is so old that there are no records as to when it first reared it’s head, but it was certainly being used by the Egyptians in 3000 BC, and has gone through many different guises ever since.
It wasn’t until the 18th Century that it’s use as a therapeutic tool was widely advertised, although it was yet to be named Hypnotherapy.
The instigator of this was Franz Mesmer, and many people queued outside his Paris clinic in the hope of being “Mesmerised”.
The word "Hypnosis" was coined by a Scottish surgeon by the name of James Braid in 1842, from the Greek word “Hypnos”, to sleep.
At about the same time another Scottish Doctor, James Esdaile, was experimenting within Hypnotic anaesthesia in India, and was able to cut the mortality rate from 80% to a reported 15% during amputations.
The 20th Century has seen a flurry of activity from stage shows to surgery, and Hypnosis has proven itself to be a tool with outstanding capabilities, although the jokes and fakery in Stage Hypnosis often overshadowed it.
The 21st Century has seen National Occupational Standards in place and Hypnotherapy in the UK is now regulated by the Government through the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.
Stage Hypnosis still exists, although it is accepted that participants are only playing along for fun rather than being under anyones 'Hypnotic Spell'.
Can anybody be Hypnotised?

Anyone who wants to use Hypnosis can do, it is easy to ignore or resist the process, although very few people want to pay for a service and do that!
Some people wrongly think that they can’t be Hypnotised as their mind is too strong, but having a strong mind can make it even easier to get into Hypnosis.
Quite simply, anybody who wants to be Hypnotised, can be.
Is it dangerous?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe, you cannot get stuck in any way and you cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do.
If an emergency arose whilst in hypnosis you would instantly "wake up" and deal with it as normal.
Do I lose control?

Not in the slightest, if anything you will become more aware of what you are thinking and feeling.
You will only divulge to me what you want to divulge and any suggestions to the contrary would break the hypnotic state instantly.
What does it feel like?

There is no real feeling associated with Hypnosis, and it can feel totally different to everybody.
Some people find they have a feeling of heaviness, lightness or even nothing at all.
Some people even find that they don’t feel that relaxed, and if anything feel more alert and awake. Whatever you feel it doesn’t affect the depth of hypnosis at all.
Will I be asleep?

It is rare for clients to fall asleep during a session of Hypnotherapy but it does happen occasionally.
Usually though you will just be very relaxed and fully awake.
Will I remember everything?

Often you will remember more of what is being discussed in hypnosis, than of anything else that day. This is because you will be in a more focussed state of mind.
But sometimes, hypnotic amnesia does take place, words can seem to fade into the background, and time seems to pass a lot quicker.
How many sessions are needed?

Some issues may only need short term therapy and it's common for people to have somewhere between 6 and 10 sessions over the course of around 3 months.
Other issues may need more time and in some cases psychotherapy can be weekly / fortnightly for 12 months or more.
The flip side to this is that some issues may only require a single session, it's not uncommon for someone to learn about hypnosis so as to become their own therapist and not need to see anyone ever again.
In short, until you start therapy it's unlikely that we can make an accurate judgement as to how many sessions you may need and it would be unfair to make claims to the contrary.
How much does it cost?

Single sessions are between 50 minutes and 1 hour and are £80.
One off quit smoking sessions are £200, as they are between 90 minutes and 2 hours, include a free top up session, if required, and audio support.
Where do I find you?

I work in Hinckley at Meridian Healthcare on Station Road. Click HERE for a map.

I also see clients online using Zoom.
Why can’t I read some testimonials?

I go into some extra detail as to why here.
But in short, it is because it is unprofessional and goes against the Psychotherapy profession Code Of Ethics.
Do you need to speak to anyone else about me?

One of the reasons why therapy helps is because of the privacy and confidentiality.
It is no-ones business but yours that you would be seeing me.
There are rare occasions where your GP may need to know that you’re seeing me, especially if we’re treating physical issues such as IBS or Chronic Pain. But even then they do not need to know what is discussed.
In fact if someone were to contact me asking about your therapy I am not even allowed to divulge that you are my client. Not even your partner, your spouse, your parents.
If your privacy is particularly important to you and you wish to keep your appointments private from family around you, please do let me know right at the start of our communication to ensure that you do not receive appointment reminders via text message.
There is a little more info about my privacy policies here.
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